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MIAMI, FL (July 17, 2020) – One of Latin music’s most influential and globally renowned duos, Zion & Lennox, released their latest and most sensual single of 2020, “Te Mueves,” alongside one of the most prominent female voices in music today, Latin superstar Natti Natasha. Following the vast success of «All Night», “Mujer Satisfecha” and “Sistema,” the Puerto Rican hitmakers and pioneers launch their third track of the year with the Dominican-born multi-platinum artist. The song is available on all digital streaming platforms today.

“Te Mueves” encapsulates the creative and music direction that the Reggaeton pioneers and industry veterans are following to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their legendary career. The track follows in the footsteps of their most recent hit “All Night,” a song that was inspired by quarantine and the iconic 80s-era classics «Rock With You» by Michael Jackson and «All Night Long» by Lionel Richie.

“Te Mueves” features an addictive beat, produced by award-winning producer/artist Tainy, that is powered by Zion & Lennox’s emblematic musicality and Natti Natasha’s trademark tone. The track serves as an ode of true appreciation to the duo’s leading lady complimenting her style, grace, and sensuality as she dances. Natti Natasha follows Zion & Lennox’s lead with the perfect lyrical counterpart as she vocalizes her independence and security as a woman.

The video was directed by Marlon Peña and was filmed separately: Lennox in Puerto Rico, Zion in Colombia and Natti Natasha in Miami. “Te Mueves” captures the power of each of the artists as they guide audiences through the story of when a man and a woman meet on the dance floor and are unequivocally smitten with one another. Zion & Lennox, filmed from their respective locations, bringing their signature style and flow to the song further cementing their icon status. Natasha showcases the perfect combination of vocals, dance and sensuality, trademarks that helped her most recent single “Que Mal Te Fue » surpass 34 Million views and trend in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Latin America.

2020 is a big year for the globally recognized duo as they celebrate 20 impressive years of chart-topping music that has solidified their status as Latin music and Reggaeton pioneers. Zion & Lennox have created countless hits like “Otra Vez”, “La Player” and “Embriágame,” to name a few — all songs that have resonated with fans across the world. With their latest album, «Motivan2,» which debuted at #1 on iTunes in the United States and Latin America, they continue to bring their unique and relevant take on music to fans everywhere. The barrier-breaking global hitmakers had to postpone their historic “ICONIC Tour Twenty 20,” which was set to honor the longevity of their momentous 20-year run within Latin music, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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